Say no to fast fashion / Say yes to sustainability

Astyla is a young brand with an important mission: a more sustainable market for activewear.

​We are here to help you become a better athlete by providing you with the best possible sportswear. Astyla delivers fair trade and ecological  garments using fabrics like organic cotton and recycled polyamide or polyester, always of high quality and with a minimum ecological footprint. All of our products are made in factories that pay their workforce an honest wage. 

Starting up a new sports label is a huge challenge. If you believe in our mission, please support us by buying one of our products. As we continue to grow, we will keep adding new products in the shop, always complying to our high standards.

Rooted in the ancient Olympic Games

The name Astyla comes from Astylos of Croton, a legendary runner from the ancient city of Croton, who won a total of 6 olive wreaths in 3 successive Olympic Games from 488 tot 480 BC. Astylos dominated the stade (180 m sprint) and the diaulos (double "stade" race) and also won the hoplitodromos event, a running competition for athletes in full armour. He was one of the greatest athletes of his time.