Maximum Performance / Minimum Impact

We believe that everyone is an athlete, regardless of the level you play or compete at.
Every milestone you reach is an important one,
where you break through your own boundaries and do something that previously seemed impossible.
​Whatever your sport is, Astyla shares your passion.

Astyla: a new definition for athleisure

We are on an important mission: to become a leading ecological and sustainable activewear brand. 

All of our Astyla garnments are made from organic cotton or recycled materials.

Discover the benefits of Astyla sportswear and reduce your ecological footprint by wearing one of our unique items.

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Do you want to go with the flow, or swim against the stream?

You want something different. An identity instead of a label.

A brand that understands your passion and shares your values.

Because being active is at the core of your existence.

Because you care about the future of our planet.

Because swimming against the stream is more fun than going with the flow.